Polestar to go standalone from Volvo

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The new Polestar logo

Volvo and Polestar have enjoyed a long partnership with the latter assisting the former in developing not just performance variants like the S60 Polestar, but full on race cars.  The partnership culminated with a 100% acquisition of Polestar by Volvo in July 2015 as the in-house performance brand for Volvo.  But now, Polestar will be going standalone – not just as a performance brand, but as an electrified performance sub-brand.


Volvo has announced that Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President of Design at Volvo, will be heading up the Polestar brand as CEO.


The Polestar brand will be responsible for ‘electrified’ sports cars – meaning that not all vehicles will be full electric, but that they will at least be mild hybrid in nature.  Polestar cars will carry an all-new logo, and will feature high-performance electric technologies, with at least one full-electric sports car on the cards in the next few years.


Polestar will still however be involved in the development of performance versions of Volvo cars, however they are likely to be badged as Polestar models, much like how Mercedes-AMG models are separate from Mercedes-Benz models.

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