Maserati Alfieri Concept – Celebrating 100 years:

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Celebrating 100 years of producing cars, Maserati revealed the Alfieri Concept at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.  The 2+2 seater Concept is said to be the inspiration for the next century of Maserati.

We think it could be something much more, much sooner.  It could see production as the next generation Maserati GranTurismo before 2020; at least that’s what we’re hoping for, and that’s what Maserati have hinted at, stating that, “there is a strong desire to turn the Alfieri into reality. It was conceived, designed and created in an approach aimed at 100% realism.”

The styling on the Maserati harks back to several classic models, yet remains a goal for future designs.  Maserati say that their designs will never be anything but Maserati in nature, and as such the Alfieri doesn’t look too futuristic or depart from the artful designs we’re used to.

It does however represent technological advancements that will feature in Maserati models in future.  LED daytime running lamps feature prominently in the design, complementing the bi-xenon-LED headlamp design – a feature likely to be carried out on future models.

The Centenary concept looks striking with 21-inch rear and 20-inch front aluminium alloy wheels, forged from single pieces of aluminium, whilst the liquid metal colour, Steel Flair, and Maserati Blue accented bodywork and lighting highlight the future intent of the concept.

The interior is the most futuristic side of the Alfieri, however still remains practical.  It features an oganic two-tone design, built around the central TFT screen.  The instrument cluster features 4 main binnacles, 2 large and 2 small, which instead of being analogue, are TFT displays inspired by modern camera menus, with the numbers themselves rotating around the dial as opposed to a needle swinging around the display.  The dominant colours of the two-tone design are Luna white and Dark Basalt blue, with hints of oxidised steel hinting to racing heritage of the 1950s.  Aniline leather and copper subtly complete the cabin design.

Underpinning the Alfieri is the chassis of the GranTurismo MC Stradale, with a wheelbase shortened by 24cm to 2700mm.  The Alfieri measures 4590mm long and 1930mm wide, whilst it sits low at only 1280mm high.

Powering the concept is a 4.7-litre naturally aspirated V8, developing 343kW @ 7000rpm and 520Nm @ 4750rpm.  The V8 is mated to a 6-speed electronically actuated gearbox, driving the rear wheels, with aid from a limited slip differential.

As with almost all Maseratis, the Alfieri is a thing of beauty.  We truly can’t wait for the day it reaches production.  Happy 100th birthday Maserati, may you prosper for the next 100 to come!

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