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We love a retro looking concept.  It’s why we loved the Nissan IDx concepts so much, that revived the old Datsun SSS, but never went to production.  At this year’s Frankfurt motor show, where there was some serious metal including a rear-wheel drive Audi R8 and the new Renault Megane RS, the funky Honda Urban EV Concept was one of the cars that caught our eyes the most.


The Honda Urban EV Concept is built on an entirely new electric car platform, and sets the direction for the technology and the design that will appear on a future battery-powered Honda production model.  In Layman’s terms, it’s going to production, with the production version set to go on sale in Europe in 2019.


The Honda Urban EV Concept boasts a simplistic, retro design, with low and wide proportions, and compact dimensions – shorter than a Honda Jazz by 100mm.  The Urban EV Concept’s design harks back to the first and second generation Honda Civics, but with an eye on the future.  The Honda logo is backlit in blue, which previews a new styling feature for the brand, and between the headlights, there’s a programmable display to allow driver’s to communicate with others using greetings, advice for other drivers, charging status updates, or in most cases, verbal road rage.


From the inside of the Honda Urban EV Concept, visibility is increased due to slim A-pillars and a wrap-around styled windscreen.  Ingress and egress is equally as easy thanks to wide door apertures made possible by rear hinged coach doors.  The Honda Urban EV Concept can house 4 occupants, 2 per bench seats front and rear, with each bench finished in different materials.


Mechanical details are not yet available, though Honda’s Electric Vision strategy involves the development of a high-density, lightweight battery pack technology with integrated heat management.  This new battery tech will be paired with electric motors to create the ultimate electric city car.


Even without specifications available, the Honda Urban EV Concept is am impressive proposition – just look at it.  In a world where the Nissan IDx won’t go to production, Honda are our heroes for sending this out into the world with the intent to manufacture it.



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