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We spend our days pining for the latest reveal of something amazing in the automotive world, and then all of a sudden we’re hit with two.  It seems BMW is intent on ensuring no Mercedes model goes without a rival; just as the latter unveiled the new Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe, BMW has revealed the Concept M8 Gran Coupe with the 4 door AMG GT firmly in its sights.


We’d previously seen the BMW 8 Series Concept before, with the promise of an M version – though at the time it was merely expected to spawn a 2-door M8.  The BMW M8 GTE even previewed what the M8 Coupe might look like – albeit in full racing livery and adorned by a rather hefty rear spoiler.  But at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, the German marque lifted the lid on the 4-door version of the flagship M8.



Aggressive Styling


Not only will the 8 Series be a new halo for the BMW brand, but the M8, when it reaches production, will be a halo for their M Division.  As such, it needs to feature sporty styling immediately identifiable not just as a BMW, but as a fitting product of the M Division.


The Concept M8 Gran Coupe lives up to expectations, and arguably exceeds them – perhaps not to everyone’s liking.  A low, wide design appears close to the road and aggressive in nature, with sharp angles hinting at the performance likely to lurk beneath the surface.  Large front air intakes add further aggression and width, only highlighted by flared arches and contoured flanks.


The rear of the Concept M8 Gran Coupe appears equally as aggressive, comprising signature BMW M quad tailpipes, an integrated ducktail spoiler, and a contoured rear bumper.




Whilst we know Mercedes-AMG’s 4-Door GT will pack up to 470kW in its most potent trim, we know nothing of the performance on offer from the BMW M8.  However, it’s almost guaranteed that the M8 Gran Coupe will feature the same M-xDrive all-wheel drive system as the BMW M5.


However it’s the powerplant we’re most interested in, with two options as clear frontrunners to earn their slot in the engine bay of the BMW M8 Gran Coupe.  BMW will either equip the M8 with an up-rated version of the bi-turbo V12 from the M760Li, or, and the more likely option, BMW will upgrade the 4.4-liter bi-turbo V8 from the M5.  The V8 seems more likely due to reduced weight over the front axle which will aid handling – a key trait of the M8 if it’s to truly succeed.



Headed for Production


The Concept M8 Gran Coupe’s aggressive styling, paired with its rather interesting choice of paint colour, have led many to believe the concept will be largely pared back if and when it reaches production.  BMW has confirmed that a production 8 Series Gran Coupe and M8 Gran Coupe will debut through the course of 2019.  We suspect that much like the M4 Concept that previewed the first ever BMW M4, the M8 Gran Coupe isn’t likely to lose much of its sparkle when it does reach production.


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