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Review – New Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL in SA

1.5kviewsWhen a high volume mainstream manufacturer drops a new model on the market – every one is important, regardless of the volumes it sells, or lack thereof.  However for the relatively small scale manufacturers on the market, some models are vastly more important than others.  For a brand like Suzuki, … Read more

Volvo, XC40, Volvo XC40, Roarke Bouffe, Torquing Cars, Compact Modular Architecture

First Drive – Volvo XC40 Lands in SA

356views It’s not every day a car brand launches into a new territory, particularly when that brand is Volvo – the Swedish brand known as much for playing it safe as they are for safety itself.  And yet at the launch event for the new Volvo XC40 in Fourways, I … Read more

Mercedes-AMG GT S, AMG GT, Mercedes-AMG, AMG GT S, GT S, Torquing Cars, Roger Biermann, Roarke Bouffe, Vaughn Humphrey

Review – Mercedes-AMG GT S

Mercedes-AMG have gone and done it; they’ve brought a sledgehammer to a knife fight.  Against the scalpel that is the Porsche 911, the white coats from Affalterbach have flown into the fray with all the grace of Thor wielding his mighty hammer – Mjolnir – with all the thunder and … Read more

Haval, H2, 1.5T, Haval H2, Luxury, Automatic, GWM, Great Wall Motors, Torquing Cars, Roarke Bouffe

Review – Haval H2 1.5T Luxury Auto

2.3kviews“It’s pretty good, but it’s a Hyundai/Kia.” – remember that line?  It was the one bandied about around 5 years ago when Hyundai and Kia were making good, competitive cars with decent features and an affordable price-tag.  People appreciated them, but brand-snobbery prevented them from being top sellers.  But look … Read more

Review – Jeep Renegade 1.4 Limited 4×4

637viewsJeep started it all with the Willys Jeep.  We all know how successful that car was in the fields of battle, and it went on to inspire an entire category of vehicle, the SUV. After creating the first mass-produced SUV in 1946, the Willys Jeep Station Wagon, they created a … Read more

First Drive – BMW M4 CS on Track

It’s not every day you get to drive a brand new BMW M4 variant on track, let alone three variants back to back.  So when launching the BMW M4 CS – short for Competition Sport – at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in Midrand, South Africa at the first BMW M … Read more

Alfa Romeo Giulia, Giulia, 2.0T, Video, review, Video review, Torquing Cars

Video – Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0T Review

If Alfa Romeo wants to truly challenge BMW, it’s not the fire-spitting Giulia Quadrifoglio that needs to sell – it’s the entry level 2.0-litre turbocharged Giulia. In this Torquing Cars video review, we put the Giulia 2.0T to the test: Torquing Cars is Changing – A Letter from the Editor … Read more

Volvo V90 Cross Country, T6, Inscription, V90, Cross Country, Roarke Bouffe, Torquing Cars

Review – Volvo V90 Cross Country T6 AWD Inscription

460views I grew up with a father who loved the idea of a Volvo station wagon.  Growing up in the mid 90s, I can only imagine the one he lusted after was the 850 T-5R estate, in Cream Yellow as they called it.  My late father never did own that … Read more

Review – Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0T

645viewsI’ve long heard about the great days of Alfa Romeo – how if anyone knows how to make a spectacular driver’s car, it’s Alfa.  But I’ve never seen it.  There have been glimpses of brilliance, but they’ve always felt like expensive Fiats to me.  So I’m mighty proud to be … Read more

Review – Mercedes-Benz GLC220d Coupe

I remember when “sporty” SUVs first hit the road in the early 2000s. They were marketed as high-performance vehicles that could tear up the track one day and go offroading the next. In reality, they were terrible at both; they didn’t handle well and were all but useless offroad. Despite … Read more

Volvo, Volvo S90, D5 AWD, S90 D5 AWD, PowerPulse, Torquing Cars

Review – Volvo S90 D5 AWD Inscription

471viewsThe executive sedan is a tricky thing for manufacturers to do.  See, anyone can build a compact executive sedan – a 3 Series rival whose size and price is fairly approachable for the layman.  Executive sedans, not so much; they’re large, packed with tech, and usually have price tags beyond … Read more


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