Mazda South Africa Killed The MX-5

Not just discontinued it but killed its legacy in the country completely. A little while back, a Mazda MX-5 landed in my garage at work. No, it wasn’t my own MX-5, Sakura, but rather a white MX-5 RF on loan from Mazda SA as a press test unit. Those who … Read more

Torquing Cars is Changing – A Letter from the Editor

As many long-time followers of Torquing Cars may have noticed, the last 2 years have been pretty quiet on the site. No, Torquing Cars hasn’t shut down, but as anyone who knows the man behind the brand – me – will understand, I haven’t been able to dedicate my time … Read more

Suzuki – The Brand To Watch In 2018

It’s always an interesting thing, chatting to PR folk at the start of the year, gauging expectations against results from the year gone by, and seeing what product plans are for the coming year.  Having done so at the start of 2018, and having looked at the figures from 2017, … Read more

Speed Kills, or Does It? (Opinion)

and why granny won’t be coming to Christmas anymore, kids… I’d like to imagine there are hordes of people my parents’ age roaming around with eye-patches and only one eye.  It was crammed down my throat from a young age that the consequence of anything and everything was to lose … Read more

Alfa Romeo Stelvio – the SUV to save the Italians

Alfa Romeo has launched the Stelvio in South Africa.  It’s officially the second new model under the brand’s resurgence, but it’s notably also their first SUV.  Whereas the Giulia sedan was typically Alfa – a rear drive executive sedan oozing style and driver involvement – the Stelvio is a necessary … Read more

Why Nurburgring Lap Times are Bullsh*t

Nurburgring lap times are bullshit.  Yet, when 0-100km/h times and top speeds aren’t enough to win the barroom game of drunken Top Trumps, you can bet Nurburgring lap times will be there to ‘prove’ which vehicle is best. But Nurburgring lap times don’t prove a thing. In fact, Nurburgring lap … Read more


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