Torquing Cars

The Torquing Cars story is a simple one.  No tales of ‘star crossed lovers’ embroiled in family feuds, or inheriting some long lost throne of a forgotten motoring kingdom.  No, the Torquing Cars story is a simple one of passion – a passion for all things motoring and the desire to know more, to learn more, to experience more.


It was this child-like yearning for more that led an ordinary car-lover, a petrolhead just like you, to learn more about the motoring world, until eventually he decided he wanted to help others understand.  That’s where Torquing Cars began – a portal through which everyday people could further their knowledge on all things car, from new releases to reviews and even the technical side of things through our Tech-Talk articles.  We set out to break down the walls of brand-bias and help others see through the marketing spiel.  After all, a good car can come from any brand and any country, and at the end of the day, a good car deserves credit where it’s due.


With this goal in mind, we’ve gone from humble beginnings to something a lot more – but even though the website may have a fresh look and a new logo, the passion is greater than ever.


The new Torquing Cars will bring you all the latest in news and reviews; and with your support we’ll make sure the content keeps getting better.


Where other news outlets may pander to the pressures of manufacturers, we commit to being honest, always.  We want to be the best we can be for you – after all we’re here to help you.


-Roger Biermann